"Marée basse", Jérôme Signori

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"Le temple volant", Jérôme Signori


Art painting encompasses a broad range of artistic expressions. 

Jérôme creates his art with different methods and tools, whatever is needed to recreate the inner world and interpretations of the surroundings.


Scenography Jönssonligan på Kollo, Jérôme Signori


Scenography is the art and practice of creating stage designs for theatre, film, television, and other performance arts. It encompasses the design of sets, props, and sometimes costumes to create the visual environment in which a performance takes place.

Jérôme has worked many years with scenography. ”It is a whole package. I do everything when I work with scenography. I design, draw, paint, build and make sure the end result is as intended.”

Jérôme Signori in front of a model

In need of an artist for decorpainting, scenography or other assignments?

Besides art paintings, you can find several other art pieces in the gallery. If you have other inquiries don’t hesitate to contact me! I can help you with everything from creating beautiful art on your walls, statues, decor, scenography and much more!

Scenography, Observatorium Skistar, Sälen


Decor painting typically refers to the practice of using painting as a decorative element within interior design.

This can involve various techniques and styles, depending on the desired aesthetic and the preferences of the homeowner or designer.

It allows individuals to personalize their living or working environments and can significantly impact the overall mood and ambiance of a room. It requires creativity, skill, and an understanding of design principles to achieve the desired effect while harmonizing with the existing décor.

Project for Louis de Geer in Norrköping, Concert & Congress House


In design and art, concepts serve as the underlying ideas or themes that guide the creation and interpretation of visual works. They provide a framework for artists and designers to communicate their intentions, convey messages, and evoke emotions through their creations.