Jérôme Signori

Enter the world of incredible artistic details and dreamlike sceneries

Jérôme Signori is indeed a multifaceted artist. He has worked as art director, designer, modellmaker for numerous films. He has extensive artistic training from Paris and long experience as a set designer in film, television, advertising and theming in France and Sweden.

Jérôme Signori

Multifaceted artist, freelance designer. Jérôme has worked as designer in feature film and televison series, music videos. He has designed several Theme parks and Ski Resorts.

Whether you are a company in need of sculptures, models or amazing wallpaintings or a client that is in search for skilled artist for specific projects, don´t heistate to give me a call. 

Jérôme Signori portrait, dark background. Photo: Richard Kail

Welcome to SignoriStudios art gallery

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Jérôme's previous work as Art director, designer

Jérôme has worked as designer on numerous feature films:

(Sweden) Krakel Spektakel  | Den utvalde | Zingo | 2 Lilla Jönsson Ligan | Eldsjälen 

As well as tv-series, theater and music videos:

Magnus Lindgren | Mando Diao | The Kooks | René | Madrugada – Claudia Phillips | Ivanoffgruppen 

Commercial designer:

Burger Kings | T home | H & M | Tiger of Sweden | Radda Barnen | Ramlösa | Paper mint | Krisprolls | AXE | Diplomis | Veikkaus Joulukalenteri

Transformation of scenery in art

”Désertion”, Jérôme Signori
”Revanche naturelle”, Jérôme Signori
”Futur antérieur”, Jérôme Signori

"Inspiration is all around you, you just have to learn how to see it."

My father, who was a sculptor, taught me to look at things, and not merely see them.

He taught me to notice and understand their volume, their beauty, their usefulness and their inner life. Above all, he taught me to be curious.

A building facade became a flying theatre, an underground station, the platform of an abandoned railway station perched in the heights.

All of a sudden, a whole new world opened up before me. A common object suddenly became a form stripped of codes, allowing me to see something else in it like someone seeing it for the first time.

With this principle, an infinite universe opens up before you, setting your imagination in motion.

Sketch, Prison Island, scaled

Designing themeparks

These are timeless worlds. I often compare it to certain Eastern European countries, everything is so different and yet so recognisable. I play with what surrounds me by building cities where logic has lost its rights,it´s meaning.Cities that no longer have bases, streets or foundations. It's a bit like endless space. Flying house is an old childhood dream. Where have all the inhabitants gone? I don't know myself, I'm looking for them.

There is art that at the first moment offers an impressive impression that is hard to forget. This is the case with Jerome's paintings, which are created in a very personal style and can be associated with lyrical fantasy. In Jerome's mind there are no limits and with incredible skill he transfers his fantasy world with brushstrokes on the canvas. His paintings are wonders for the eye, that magically draw viewers into his world where anything is possible.